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Life on the ranch is designed to help you work back to independent living and self sufficiency all while in the midst of loving and encouraging community. 

Every person on the ranch will have a specific ranch area they are responsible for each month. This could be feeding and caring for an animal, watering plants, pulling weeds or maintaining an areas cleanliness. We rotate chores each month so you will always be learning something new! 

Our ministry staff works out of the offices at the ranch so you can stop by anytime for prayer or good conversation. 

Our food pantry is accessible everyday so you can load up on all your favorites and stock your pantry shelves in your house as often as you like. 

Weekly Bible Study, Community Outreach night, Weekly house meetings and Saturday Fun days are just some of the ways you can stay connected in community. 

It’s not all work on the Ranch!! Our fire pit and BBQ area sees lots of action when we grill out and hang by the fire with each other.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our home.

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